A Fresh Breath

At last, cool morning.

Where’s the sun gone? Don’t ponder;

Enjoy with coffee,

Feet up at poolside.


Dark green leaves ‘neath gray-white sky

Nestle singing birds.

Neighbors aren’t stirring,

The world’s all mine. Wait–


Window opens. Kettle squeals.

Outside, the Sound of the Sea

Outside, a gull cries

And I smell the sea, see the waves and hear them crash.

The instant passes.

My new home is landlocked

and dwarfed by the bank building.

The gulls swirl and swoop


to perch on the moneyed edifice,

its rows of grinning teeth blank and yellow in the early sun.

The sea remains near enough to visit,

but miles away.

I cannot see it, smell it, feel it

until the gulls cry,

and then the salty breeze ruffles the sand

and revives me.